All You Need To Know About Living In Denver, Colorado

Denver is known as the ‘mile high city’ because it has a dynamic economic development, thereby making it one of the most visited cities in the USA. The most popular neighborhoods in this city include the Ballpark District, which is located in the downtown area of Denver; as well as the lower downtown and Coopers Field neighborhoods. If you are searching for an attractive home, then it may be time to consider Denver. Of course, before you head there it is important to take several points into account. This article will provide information on all you need to know about living in Denver, Colorado.

Denver is a city that focuses greatly on outdoor activities, sports, and a cultural atmosphere. The Colorado Rocky Mountains are a particularly popular feature in this area and are explored by tourists regularly. From a cultural perspective, you will be able to find different forms of entertainment in Denver including theaters for musicals and operas. Live music is also available at various venues, bars, and dance clubs. Gastronomy is also significant with Denver dining embracing cultural food differences; for example, Mataam Fez is the best Moroccan restaurants in the state of Colorado.

Of course, entertainment is not the main focus of Denver life as education is crucial among the inhabitants. Denver has a plethora of museums available to educate their children including the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Children’s Museum of Denver, the Museum of Miniatures, the Dolls and Toys Museum, and the Denver Art Museum. Several public libraries are also accessible and are ideal for those people who enjoy history and literature.

The population of Denver, according to the 2007 national statistics, was 566,674. The average growth rate of this city is approximately 2% per 10 years making it a less densely populated area than cities like New York or Los Angeles. The income per capita in the area is approximately $30,000 with the average household income being approximately $45,000. Unfortunately, there is unemployment in the city but this is low with the rate being on 3%.

Regarding climate in the Denver area, this city has approximately 16 inches of rain per annum with a typical snowfall level of 45 inches per year. The average climate during summer is 94 degrees Fahrenheit and 57 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. This is a pleasant climate and makes Denver an ideal place to both visit and live.